The Health Benefits of Organizing and Cleaning Your Home

Some houses receive more cleaning in the fifteen minutes before company drops in than in a whole month. And while it might sound tempting, it’s not the best cleaning strategy to implement. Keeping your home clean and organized is about more than just preparing for that unexpected visit. You can improve your family’s health and life by making it a regular priority.

Here are a few health benefits from cleaning that can significantly change your life for the better:

Weight Loss: Research suggests that a cluttered kitchen can lead to poor food choices. When food is randomly scattered throughout your pantry, it can be difficult to find anything. If you happen to be searching for that late-night healthy snack but have trouble locating it, it’s possible you’ll settle for the box of donuts you see instead. Being able to find healthy ingredients for your weekend meal prep and nutritious snacks the moment you need them is a great motivator for you to remain committed to your fitness and weight goals.

Less Stress: When you always find yourself on the go, just knowing you have piles of laundry and an entire house to clean can kill your mood. Wanting to clean but not having the time and energy to do it can be stressful. When the cleanliness of your home becomes a priority, you can toss the guilt. Lowering your stress level reduces your risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Fewer Infections and Illnesses: Sanitizing your home regularly helps to remove some of the millions of bacteria and germs you and your family interact with on a daily basis. This prevents bacterial infections like strep throat and viruses like the flu. And if anyone does happen to contract an infection, your cleaning efforts will prevent it from spreading. Cleaning your doorknobs, remote controls, faucet handles, and other items that are touched often can significantly reduce your family’s chances of becoming sick, saving you time, energy, and money.

Reduce Allergic Reactions: Aside from bacteria and germs, dust mites, pet dander, and mold can trigger some serious health issues. Anyone with mild to severe allergies and/or asthma may experience breathing difficulties or cold/flu symptoms when exposed. Maintaining a routine cleaning schedule and ridding your house of clutter prevents dust from building up to becoming a problem. It also makes it easier for you to recognize when mold or something else that doesn’t belong surfaces in your house. Early detection is key to preventing any negative long-term health effects.

Fewer Fall-Related Injuries: Organizing your house means that everything has a proper place. There are no more random toys or shoes laying on the floor with the potential to cause a fall. You, your parents, and grandparents can breathe easier as you walk throughout the house. Decluttering is a surefire way to make your home more appealing and safer.

As you consider the health benefits of maintaining a clean and organized home, brainstorm ideas to help you improve the state of your house. What do you find easy? What do you wish you never had to do again? Whether you continue to manage the cleanliness of your home or you outsource to an expert, one thing is certain: A clean home is essential.