Spring Cleaning, Top 5 Must-Do’s

With sunnier days upon us, the time for spring cleaning is near. You can finally give attention to areas of your house that have been neglected for a while. Before you get started, it’s a good idea to create a checklist, so you don’t forget a pertinent area. Remember, spring cleaning only comes once a year, so any issues you don’t address this year will be doubled in 2020.

To help you compile your checklist, check out our top must-dos below:

  1. Turn your furnace’s fan on before you begin dusting. This might sound strange, but it works wonders at making your dusting more effective and efficient. Turning the fan on will keep the furnace’s blower on whether the heat and air are running or not. As it blows, it sucks in air through the return vents, and dust particles become trapped in the air filter. This can cut your dusting time in half. To speed it up even more, you should prioritize dusting one room at a time and closing the doors to each.

  2. Deep clean your beds. Instead of making your bed on the morning you begin spring cleaning, strip it completely. Put the sheets in the washer and consider cleaning your comforters in a large commercial washing machine. Flip the beds over, so you can dust and disinfect. This is also a good time to clean the mattresses.

  3. Get rid of items, like clothing, that you don’t need. Springtime is the perfect time to take stock of what you have in your home. Be on the lookout for clothing you no longer wear, junk that needs to be discarded or donated, and electronics that have become obsolete. The less “stuff” you have in your home, the less you have to clean.

  4. Dust and clean ceilings and walls. Start by dusting your ceilings first to prevent backtracking since dust tends to fall from the ceiling onto the walls. You can try using a feather duster, but it may not work well if there’s dirt buildup. As an alternative, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. What you use to clean it depends on the kind of ceiling you have.  To clean your walls, you should dust before washing. A large part of cleaning efficiently is knowing which order to follow.

  5. Clean windowsills and check behind curtains and window blinds. When was the last time you checked behind your window blinds? It’s shocking how quickly dust and other particles can build up in those areas over time. Invest time into dusting and vacuuming, when appropriate. Also make it a priority to clean your windowsills. These are all areas that usually receive little to no attention throughout the year, so this is the time to really dive in.

Make an effort to get the entire family involved. Spring cleaning should only be a one-person job if there’s one person living in the home. If you have kids, they can help. Children as young as one or two have been known to wipe down tables and put toys away. Prepare everyone ahead of time, so they are available when you begin. Approach it as a family project, and consider treating everyone to something special once it’s done.