Home Security: How to Prevent Burglaries

The mind of a burglar is simple: target homes with easy access…and don’t get caught! But not to worry, you can easily reduce your home’s vulnerability, outsmarting thieves before they even start. Relevo recommends taking control of your security with these tangible steps to minimize the risk of a burglary.

Use Motion Detector Lights

Low lighting areas and dark pockets create opportunities for burglars, so make sure the exterior of your home is well lit. Motion detector lights can be placed in corners that receive little to no light at night. Inside, strategically place the detectors on the ceiling near the front and back doors, areas where a burglar is least likely to notice them. Consider buying dual technology lights that are triggered if they detect both motion and body heat. This will limit the number of false alarms.

Be A Good Neighbor

Talking to your neighbors regularly can make you aware of community activity, including understanding whether there is crime in the neighborhood. Think about starting or joining a neighborhood watch program. Establishing communication with your neighbors has never been easier. Online platforms such as Nextdoor, a social network for discovering your neighborhood, can help you reach more people in your community.  Once these relationships are created, you may feel comfortable asking your neighbors to watch your home while you’re away for an extended time. Offer to do the same for them.

Install Cameras

The presence of security cameras can be a major deterrent for burglars, and in the unfortunate event of a break-in they can provide much-needed evidence. Home security cameras are now small and simple to install. One popular brand is Ring, a company that sells camera door bells starting at around $100 and are DIY friendly. These latest pro-consumer cameras make monitoring your home a 24-hour operation with apps that connect your cameras to your phone. Once a camera is in place, deter burglars with a sign in your yard that says your home is being monitored.

Do The Basics

There are simple things a home owner can do on a routine basis to minimize threats. Always make sure your lawn is mowed, especially if you are going out of town. This makes your home look like it’s lived in. It goes without saying but lock your doors at all times. If you have a home alarm system, remember to activate it each time you leave your home, even if you’ll be gone for only a short period. Never leave a key to your home in an outdoor hiding spot. When it comes to locks, install deadbolts on all outside doors and buy anti-lift devices for sliding glass doors. Your personal information such as passports and financial statements should be locked in a safe deposit box. 

Taking control of home security doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Relevo home managers can help you create a home security checklist and implement security procedures. Maintaining your property and being a good neighbor will not only safeguard your possessions but will protect your family, too.