Seasonal Tips For Clean Air

Each season poses new challenges for keeping the air clean in your home. The spring brings more pollen, promoting allergies, while winter’s dry air can exacerbate a cough. Making sure the air we breathe at home is optimal and without pollutants has lasting benefits for your health. There are simple, affordable ways that we at Relevo recommend for better air quality any time of year.

Spring: Use A Dehumidifier—Spring rains cause moisture that can creep into your home and promote mold and mildew. This is the perfect time to consider using a dehumidifier. It will remove that moisture from indoor air, limiting the growth of spores. Make sure to keep humidity around 30 to 50 percent. It’s also important to think about where you place your dehumidifier to maximize its effects. Having it in a central location will remove more moisture from the air. Empty any collected water regularly as this will help the unit work more efficiently and last longer.

Summer: Cultivate Indoor Plants—The summer months are a great opportunity to buy indoor plants. However, plants are more than an attractive feature for your home. They greatly improve indoor air quality by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. Many household products contain gases called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some indoor plants can remove such pollutants found in paints and cleaning products. Relevo recommends house plants be placed every 50 feet in your home for maximum air quality.

Fall: Avoid Plug-In Air Fresheners— Fall is the season for pumpkin spice, cinnamon apple, and scented air fresheners. Unfortunately, many of the popular plug-in air fresheners contribute to poor air quality. These products emit dozens of different volatile organic compounds, including several considered hazardous under U.S. law. Instead, try using more natural methods for freshening your air such as essential oil sprays and diffusers, beeswax and soy candles, or orange and clove pomanders.

Winter: Test For Radon—Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that results from the decay of uranium found in soil. It enters your home through any cracks in the foundation and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Relevo encourages homeowners to test for the gas by buying an inexpensive radon test kit. Radon levels are typically highest during winter months, so find some time to test this winter for the most conclusive results.

Buy Better Filters All Year Round—Air filters are the first line of defense against dirt and microorganisms. Traditional air filters help your heating and cooling system by trapping large particles such as dust before they enter the unit. However, high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filters will catch much smaller particles. Look for the MERV rating on your filter, which tells you what percentage of airborne particles are captured. Regardless of the filter you use, it’s essential to replace it regularly. We encourage switching out air filters four to six times a year. Pet owners should swap out filters even more frequently.

Breathing better and safer in your home doesn’t have to be challenging. Prioritizing these simple, routine tasks can greatly improve the health of you and your family during any season. If you need help creating better air quality, Relevo’s home managers can take care of this work for you.

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