Spring Shake Up: Cleaning And Organizing For Renewal

Maintaining a home is more than about keeping it tidy. It is like a business, an operation that needs constant checks and reorganization. Just like any business, a residence warrants its own personal assistant or concierge, which is why Relevo uses home managers to keep your systems running smoothly. Running low on milk? Our home managers will restock your supply. Need an electrician? We can handle that. Relevo does those things and much more to promote peace of mind and good health. This is why our company advocates that your home should go through more than a traditional spring cleaning and undergo a spring shake up.

Bite the Dust: Tackling Your Allergies—Spring is a time of renewal, including for seasonal allergies. Keeping your home regularly free of dust and dirt goes a long way to getting them in control. However, not all cleaning services are thorough enough to tackle dust mites or shake out spider webs. Many companies refuse to move existing furniture to get to those hard to reach spaces. Our home managers are not deterred by furniture placement to uncover dusty spots because, ultimately, we know your health depends on it. 

Fighting Bed Bugs—Do you have heaps of clothes piled up in a corner? Relevo will go beyond our competitors to wash, dry, and fold your clothing. We identify clothes that need to be dry cleaned and will run those delicate items to the cleaners and then deliver them back to your home. We’ll even wash your duvet cover.  We do all this because bed bugs are an ever-present problem in many homes and can only be killed when heat or chemicals are applied.

Restocking Your Pantry—The numbers are staggering. More than 76 million foodborne illnesses occur each year in the United States. Food safety is paramount to healthy living and the reason why Relevo home managers take a thorough inventory of your refrigerator and pantry to determine which food is expired. After discarding the expired item, we can then restock with a fresh supply. Why not take this opportunity to shake up your menu!

Finding You Experts—Time is a precious commodity. So why spend yours researching for repair people to fix your home when Relevo can do it for you? Our home managers will assess your home, identify areas that need repair, and find the right expert for the job. We are even on site while the repair tech is. Our proven experience vetting professionals will save you the headache of comparison shopping.

Garage Reorganizing—Garages are a wasteland for old toys, books, tools, and more. Often items get stacked haphazardly on top of unstable shelving, which is a safety concern. Take the opportunity this spring for a redo, as Relevo’s experts can strategically reorganize a garage—or any space in your home—for optimal accessibility. A major decluttering is psychologically proven to improve overall health.

Spring is a time of reawakening and our services are customizable to your needs. We’re not just a cleaning company. Relevo shakes up your home so the pieces fall right into place.

Relevo is a Home Management Company that prides itself on helping care for your most valuable asset - your home. They offer luxury cleaning services accompanied with home concierge services. To learn more about Relevo and how their team can help you, please contact info@relevohome.com or call (813) 639-8317.