What you get

No sub-contracted, anonymous workers here.  Just good, old-fashioned, hard working people with your best interests in mind.  Each Relevo client can expect the following:

  • W-2 Payroll employees, paid well-above minimum wage
  • Background-cleared and drug-tested employees with legal work status
  • Management oversight of quality service and customer feedback
  • Regular inspections of employee performance and equipment
  • Industry standard cleaning products of known and reliable brands

Corporate Relief


There is nothing more unsuitable for business than a one-size fits-all plan.  You already know that your needs are unique and currently unmet, and we go the extra distance to show you that we agree with you. Luxury cleaning is here in Tampa.

Relevo provides W-2 payroll employees with a background in the cleaning industry.  We pay nearly 20% above the industry average so that you get the quality you are looking for.  Our rigorously background-cleared and drug-tested people are not only there to provide a great cleaning service, but a great customer service experience as well.