Relevo Announces Home Management Services for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Relevo, a luxury cleaning and home concierge services business, announced today that it has formally launched a specific service line for physicians and healthcare professionals.  The team at Relevo noticed that physicians and healthcare professionals had demanding schedules, making it difficult for them to balance the management of their household with the demands of their professional duties.  In response, Relevo created a cost-effective package of services that includes cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and home maintenance support.  

The physician and healthcare professional package was specifically built around the objective of letting medical professionals enjoy their down time.  In fact, services like these have been proven to help lessen physician burnout and employee turnover. 

Relevo is currently investigating the development of partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and large physician groups.  The partnerships would provide Relevo’s services to employees of the institutions at discounted rates.

Relevo continues to expand its home management, luxury cleaning, and personal shopping services across Tampa Bay neighborhoods including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, South Tampa, Avila, Lutz, Riverview, and Brandon.   They have provided service for some of the most prominent families in the area including professional athletes, physicians, and corporate CEOs.  Relevo’s wide range of services and signature white glove inspection guarantee have resulted in a significant demand for their services – with some neighborhoods being by referral only.

“We noticed that the medical professions could benefit from our services the most,” said Chris Wicker, Relevo’s CEO.  “We created an all in one offering that allowed them to focus on their patients while we focused on the responsibilities they had at home.”

About Relevo

Relevo is a luxury cleaning and home management firm that has been operating in the Tampa Bay area for over 16 years.  Their unique services and attention to detail has positioned them as the premier cleaning service in the area.  Relevo takes their role in caring for their customers’ needs very seriously and are diligent about hiring team members that are passionate about their mission.  To learn more about Relevo or to schedule a home consultation, call (813) 639-8317 or visit