Relevo Proactively Adopts a $13.00 Minimum Wage

Relevo, a luxury cleaning and home concierge services business, announced today that it has formally adopted a $13.00 minimum wage for all of its current and future employees.  The decision was both strategic and empathetic in nature.  Relevo is looking to hire qualified individuals that can deliver on their white glove customer promise, they also want to ensure that their team can enjoy a living wage.  

Relevo employs a variety of part time and full-time employees that focused on home management and cleaning services.  Recent conversations led by unions and advocacy have pushed to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.  The current minimum wage in the state of Florida is $8.46 per hour. 

Relevo was founded by Chris Wicker who is a veteran of the United States Air Force.  Upon returning from deployment overseas, he saw the opportunity to create a home management firm that would provide luxury cleaning, laundry, and personal shopping services across Tampa Bay.  His idea was based on the concept of providing stable blue-collar career opportunities to individuals with good character and high values. 

“I am very passionate about providing people with a living wage,” said Chris Wicker, Relevo’s CEO.  “Although we are a small business, I wanted to get ahead of the market, be true to our values, and help our employees to provide for their families.”

About Relevo

Relevo is a luxury cleaning and home management firm that has been operating in the Tampa Bay area for over 16 years.  Their unique services and attention to detail has positioned them as the premier cleaning service in the area.  Relevo takes their role in caring for their customers’ needs very seriously and are diligent about hiring team members that are passionate about their mission.  To learn more about Relevo or to schedule a home consultation, call (813) 639-8317 or visit