Relevo Makes Investment to Help New Employees Finish High School

Relevo, a luxury cleaning and home concierge services business, announced today that it has created a formal program to help new employees get their High School GED. The program pays 100% of the expenses associated with GED preparation courses and GED exams through Hillsborough Community College. The terms of the program require employees to commit to work with Relevo for a period of 6 months in order to receive 100 percent of the benefit.

According to various sources, approximately 12% of Hillsborough County’s workforce does not have a high school degree. Many of these individuals are under employed because they have not had the opportunity or finances to sit for the GED exam. Relevo is committed to providing stable blue-collar career opportunities to individuals with good character and high values. Providing financing that allows individuals to finish their GED it just one of the ways Relevo demonstrates their commitment to the community. The GED program comes immediately after the announcement that Relevo has committed to a self-regulated minimum wage of $13.00.

“Many of our positions required a high school degree or equivalent,” said Chris Wicker, Relevo’s CEO. “As I spoke to potential employees, I found many quality people that did not have the opportunity to graduate for one reason or another. Instead of eliminating these individuals from the opportunity, I decided that we could help them get their GED while they worked for us.”

About Relevo

Relevo is a luxury cleaning and home management firm that has been operating in the Tampa Bay area for over 16 years. Their unique services and attention to detail has positioned them as the premier cleaning service in the area. Relevo takes their role in caring for their customers’ needs very seriously and are diligent about hiring team members that are passionate about their mission. To learn more about Relevo or to schedule a home consultation, call (813) 639-8317 or visit