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Luxury Housekeeping & Home Concierge

Your Home Manager provides both categories of service during each visit - luxury housekeeping and home concierge.  Generally, you see about 75% housekeeping and 25% home concierge. Every service day is 100% customized to your preferences.  If you want a one-day deep clean for guest rooms, you've got it.  If you want to spend a half-day cleaning and a half-day doing party preparations, we're on it.  Your time, your choice.

For your convenience, we have three pricing packages for included concierge services: 


(non-labor + Labor + off-site):

Grocery shopping
Dry cleaning pickup/drop-off
Personal shopping
Veterinary appointments
Non-medical pet care


(non-labor + labor):

Laundry (wash/dry/put away)

Trip packing/unpacking
Non-medical pet care (food, water, walk)
Party preparation
Meal preparation
Area organization
Water softener refill
Air filter replacement

Home Management