What We Do

Relevo is a Home Management Company that prides itself on helping care for your most valuable asset - your home. We offer luxury cleaning services accompanied with home concierge services. Our goal is to give our busy clients worry-free time to enjoy their life, knowing that their home is cared for by professionals.

Relevo’s services are 100% customizable to your needs. Each package includes luxury home cleaning services; including detailed home cleaning, area organization, and full laundry (wash, dry, and fold/iron). The rest of your package is up to you!

  • Don’t have time to get groceries this week? No problem!

  • Haven’t had a chance to organize those closets yet? No problem!

  • Can’t make it to the dry cleaner this week? No problem!

  • Don’t have time to wait four hours for the cable guy? No problem!

Our professional team handles any home management needs you have on any of the days you have scheduled. Our staff will gladly do household chores, run errands, or schedule & manage any home-based appointments on your behalf. 

Our clients are successful, driven people who deserve worry-free relief. Our goal is to help care for their most valuable asset, so they are able to spend their time doing the things they enjoy.

How it Works

Depending on your needs, we will design a home management package that best fits you. Our packages are customized exclusively for you based on:

  • Square footage of your home (for cleaning services)

  • Frequency of visit (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Additional concierge services needed (chores, errands, etc.)

Our professional team will come to you, discuss your home and lifestyle, and recommend a package that best fits your cleaning and home management needs.

What to Expect

Personalized Free Home Consultation

Our professional consultation team will visit your home to evaluate the package the best fits you. Once we have developed your customized package, we will have it delivered to you via email within 24 hours of our visit.

our First Visit

On our first appointment, we send double the staff to ensure everything runs smoothly - at no cost to you! Our goal is to make sure we maintain a continuity of service immediately, by fully documenting your needs and training back-up staff on the first visit.


We pride ourselves on providing luxury home management care and we stand behind it. We perform quality checks with each client every 60-90 days and leadership visits at least twice per year. If there is ever a need to contact us in between, our team is available to take calls 11 hours per day.